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Green status lights on electronics are common, however [citation needed]. In the title text, the narrator describes his smoke alarm status light as a pulsing variable star. A smoke alarm is a device that detects smoke, which would indicate a fire. These are commonly placed in houses as a safety precaution. Typically, many smoke alarms have a status light that blinks to assure that they are still functioning xkcd.com is best viewed with Netscape Navigator 4.0 or below on a Pentium 3±1 emulated in Javascript on an Apple IIGS at a screen resolution of 1024x1. Please enable your ad blockers, disable high-heat drying, and remove your device from Airplane Mode and set it to Boat Mode. For security reasons, please leave caps lock on while browsing

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  2. g from the phone] Phone: Your timer is set. [The picture broadens and shows that Science Girl, with the phone now held down, is standing in front of a desk, where Cueball, facing her, is sitting in an office chair using a laptop.
  3. This is probably because they are Randall's favorite astronomical entity as is stated at the very bottom of the about page on xkcd. 2.90 ×10 18 m The Romulan Neutral Zone: This marks the edge of the Star Trek Federation. 931 ×10 15 m The first radio broadcast was in January 1910. Since radio waves travel at the speed of light, and this was published in September 2008, the radio waves traveled about 98.5 light years. Se
  4. xkcd #1838 Neural Networks have fuelled a machine learning revolution over the past decade that has led to machines accomplishing amazingly complex tasks. However, these models are largly black boxes : we know they work, but they are so complex (up to hundreds of millions of parameters!) that we struggle to understand the limits of such systems
  5. So xkcd.com showed the Questionable content website, questionablecontent.net the Dinosaur comics website, and www.qwantz.com led to the xkcd website. add a comment! ⋅ add a topic (use sparingly)! ⋅ refresh comments! Discussio

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On Linux, you can re-task the LEDs to show different things (depending on how much the motherboard supports it) - https://www.kernel.org/doc/html/latest/leds/leds-class.htm Absurdly, Randall has mistaken Santa for a lobster, given his bright red coloration and the surname Claus (which is pronounced the same as a lobster's claws). This may be an homage to the film the Nightmare Before Christmas, where Jack Skellington believes Christmas Town is led by Sandy Claws who is like a lobster, huge and red The blinking Led of the Arduino UNO is used to give the feedback that the programmer is in the stand-by state, and the connection or disconnection to/from the target board is safe. Thanks for this beautiful programmer! I'll use it to give a simple and cheap way to program the PIC18F47Q10 MCU used inside my 68k-MBC board These might be status LEDs on BB-8's electronics, but they could also be IR LEDs - possibly part of an optical mouse style sensor. Sensor fusion between gyroscopes, accelerometers and the.

The Tree Stumps >>. Snake! is one of the periods of the xkcd comic Time, within the Mountain Era. It lasted from frame 1726 to frame 1765 . During this period, as Megan and Cueball continue into the mountains, Cueball is climbing a ledge. Snake! when he is surprised to see a snake. In his shock he exclaims Snake But, I did not want to melt expensive LED bulbs or fan controls. I have a huge stock of incans and I will continue to use them until I am forced to stop, when I run out of 60 watt bulbs. I do also like the warm white bulbs I have been buying and will continue to use for 1 way and 3 way table lamps Chicxulub crater. Reading about Chicxulub crater (aka. dinosaur killer) on wikipedia (as one does), I was surprised that connecting the crater to K-Pg boundary happened much more recent than I thought. Crater was discovered in 1981; linking it to K-Pg boundary happened in 1991. Other things that happened in 1991 The xkcd proposal is not to select 4 words at random from a 200,000-word dictionary. Rather, it is to select 4 words at random from a smaller dictionary of the 2000 most common words. If you follow what xkcd actually recommended, you'll find that the resulting passphrases are easier to memorize. - D.W. Aug 11 '11 at 2:5

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Toggle navigation mshook with known. Filter content Default content All content ; Status update Search the world's information, including webpages, images, videos and more. Google has many special features to help you find exactly what you're looking for

Exploits of a Mom from XKCD. The status quo for companies who want to secure their software is expensive and complex: companies train developers in secure coding practices, institute code review, deploy testing solutions that slow development, periodically engage in vulnerability scanning and pen-testing, and deploy protection at the infrastructure level or the edge. This is hard for even the Fortune 50 to implement, much less the rest of us. Accordingly, most companies have. ROFLCon was a biennial convention of internet memes that took place in 2008, 2010 and 2012, featuring various internet celebrities. All three events were at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. ROFLCon was first organized by a group of students from Harvard University led by Tim Hwang. According to Hwang, the inspiration for the conference was the September 23, 2007 meetup of fans of xkcd with its creator, Randall Munroe, in a park in North Cambridge, Massachusetts. The name. Dr. Goldenfeld said the notoriety of recent days even had some upside: The XKCD zinging gave him street cred with his daughters, he said Well, you can see this by reading my previous post. My no-good additio Connect with friends and the world around you on Facebook. Create a Page for a celebrity, band or business

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I noticed that the fonts were being searched for in the wrong directory. In my case, there was the message, Scanning ttf files in C:\Windows\Fonts So, I changed the command to look in my working directory... Old version. font_import (pattern = [X/x]kcd, prompt=FALSE) New version. font_import (paths = getwd (), pattern = [X/x]kcd. Status; Thinkpad x230 mods: Modifizierung des allseits beliebten x230 : läuft: 3D-Drucker X350: Informationen zum clubeigenen 3D-Drucker X350 von German RepRap Gmbh : läuft / Probleme mit Filamenteinzug: LED WS2812 Steuerung: Steuerung eines LED Streifens (WS2812) mit dem RaspberryPi und FadeCandy Platine oder via ESP8266. Folgeprojekt vom Workshopwochend On January 18, 2012, a series of coordinated protests occurred against two proposed laws in the United States Congress—the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) and the PROTECT IP Act (PIPA). These followed smaller protests in late 2011. Protests were based on concerns that the bills, intended to provide more robust responses to copyright infringement (also known as piracy) arising outside the. I like LEDs - always have enjoyed flashing a few lights, so after playing around with various LED matrices I thought it was time to go 3D. My electronics aren't quite up to fully going it alone, so I after some googling around, I found the icStation 4x4x4 LED cube shield for the Arduino, which seemed just the thing for me - cheap (less than $6

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We are now waking up to the Fake LED dilemma we all are faced with when buying budget lights from many of the budget-light sellers we buy from, and we all likely had the wool-pulled-over-our-eyes so to speak of over a year now apparently, until now we're aware if this mass-fraud of claiming that these lights have genuine Cree leds, when in fact they have low-quality, inefficient, trash. 1 vote and 346 comments so far on Reddi Finally the first true successor to the N900. The Neo900 project aims to provide a Fremantle (Maemo™ 5) compatible successor to the N900, with a faster CPU, more RAM and an LTE modem. Following the FOSS spirit of Openmoko

Fuzzing: Breaking Things with Random Inputs¶. In this chapter, we'll start with one of the simplest test generation techniques. The key idea of random text generation, also known as fuzzing, is to feed a string of random characters into a program in the hope to uncover failures Linear Regression (aka the Trend Line feature in the Analytics pane in Tableau): At a high level, a linear regression model is drawing a line through several data points that best minimizes the distance between each point and the line. The better fit of the line to the points, the better it can be used to predict future points on the line 4chan is an anonymous English-language imageboard website. Launched by Christopher moot Poole in October 2003, the site hosts boards dedicated to a wide variety of topics, from anime and manga to video games, music, literature, fitness, politics, and sports, among others. Registration is not available and users typically post anonymously; posting is ephemeral, as threads receiving recent.

392k members in the de community. Das Sammelbecken für alle Deutschsprechenden, hauptsächlich auf Deutsch, manchmal auch auf Englisch. Für 399k members in the de community. Das Sammelbecken für alle Deutschsprechenden, hauptsächlich auf Deutsch, manchmal auch auf Englisch. Für Sheeple, a portmanteau of sheep and people, is a pejorative used toward people who exhibit herd-like and conformist behaviors instead of putting critical thinking into practice. Online, the term is commonly employed by conspiracy theorists to criticize those who question the validity of their beliefs, as encapsulated in the ironic phrase Wake up, sheeple Also the SIM900 has status LEDs to show network connectivity. Of course I've added these blinkenlights. ATMEGA. Lastly, the ATMEGA32U4 is basically as per the Arduino Leonardo. The only deviation was to add a 5mm RGB LED hooked up to the Arduino defined analogue inputs - I'll configure these as digital outputs of course. Starting Point. Now this might come as a shock to some, but rather than.

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A standard device library for Arduino and other -ino's - monkcs/devuin Finally, it comes. Well, not much to say. I am as always, energiless, eyes are never opened May 20, 2021. #1. All this bullshit with Andy Freer and his agents trying to take control of the project has got me thinking. Maybe a simplified version of Dash should be spun off that does not include the developer risk, the coinjoin stigma, and the nauseating governance/treasury system. What I am proposing is a stripped-down version of Dash. :part_alternation_mark: Internet bots and web scrappers that will save a lot of your time! - Paul-mwaura/InternetBot Snake! is one of the periods of the xkcd comic Time, within the Mountain Era. It lasted from frame 1726 to frame 1765. During this period, as Megan and Cueball continue into the mountains, Cueball is climbing a ledge Snake! when he is surprised to see a snake.In his shock he exclaims Snake! and jumps/looses his grip and footing and falls from the ledge onto Megan below

RT @austinramzy: Last year China's government dropped a security law on Hong Kong that led to the jailing of much of the city's political o 2 months ago Poin I feel this constant editing of the article of any subject XKCD covers is at best vandalism and at worst viral marketing, seeing as Randall Munroe profits directly from the comics status as an internet phenomenon through the sale of merchandise etc. -AtomicDog1471. Wait, viral marketing is worse than vandalism? Take a deep breath, but keep up. A finite state machine (sometimes called a finite state automaton) is a computation model that can be implemented with hardware or software and can be used to simulate sequential logic and some computer programs. Finite state automata generate regular languages. Finite state machines can be used to model problems in many fields including mathematics, artificial intelligence, games, and.

How To is a guide to the third kind of approach. It's full of highly impractical advice for everything from landing a plane to digging a hole. Bestselling author and cartoonist Randall Munroe explains how to predict the weather by analyzing the pixels of your Facebook photos. He teaches you how to tell if you're a baby boomer or a 90's kid by. Read about 'Flipping out on flip-flop basics' on element14.com. Hey folks, I am working my way through Forrest Mims' Digital Logic Projects Workbook 2 and stumbling on understanding basic D-type flip-flop operations. Die Google Home App zeigt dir den Status deines Zuhauses und hält dich über alles auf dem Laufenden, was du verpasst hast. Du kannst jederzeit eine Zusammenfassung der letzten Ereignisse in deinem Zuhause aufrufen. Und du kannst festlegen, dass du benachrichtigt wirst, wenn während deiner Abwesenheit etwas Wichtiges passiert. Mit der Google Home App ist dein Nest Wifi innerhalb weniger. Dec. 4, 2019, 1:27 PM PST. By Gwen Aviles. Harvard University's denial of tenure to a scholar who is widely believed to be the only Latina professor on track for the status has sparked student. 3 Answers3. In ggplot the mechanism to preserve the aspect ratio of your plot is to add a coord_fixed () layer to the plot. This will preserve the aspect ratio of the plot itself, regardless of the shape of the actual bounding box. (I also suggest you use ggsave to save your resulting plot to pdf/png/etc, rather than the pdf (); print (p); dev.

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Most people are being led to believe that the transition to Digital broadcast TV is about technology advancing. Little do most people know, the real reason is because they couldn't impose a DRM technology on an analog signal. With digital, you are required to use a special box to convert the signal, but it also forces anti-recording DRM into the stream An unexpected upswing in positive tests at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign showed how even the most comprehensive approaches to limiting the virus's spread can break down Even more fun with LED matrix displays; Controlling a HDSP-2112; By the way - about USB controllers; Juan Joya Borja is dead; Signal wants to integrate Mobile Coin Caveats of the fullscreen API; OnlyOffice in Nextcloud - the current status; When life gives you a wheelchair - find a skate park; Recent Comment The coronavirus has led to an explosion of remote work, and overnight a huge share of American workers have gone from working in offices to working at home - roughly 42% of workers, according to a Stanford survey [Stanford SIEPR]. Of those not working from home, more (33%) are out of work than continuing to work on-premise (26%). These WFH figures have likely dropped a bit since the peak of.

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This led to \(2^3=8\) combinations, which lie at the eight extreme corners of an RGB color cube 51 51 Thus the \(8^\text{th}\) color should be white; in R, this is replaced by grey, as you can see in Figure 3.35.. The colors in Figure 3.35 are harsh on the eyes, and there is no longer a good excuse for creating graphics that are based on this palette. Fortunately, the default color palettes. Visit the post for more

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Maintainers of the PHP programming language recently released the latest versions of PHP to patch multiple high-severity vulnerabilities in its core and bundled libraries, the most severe of which could allow remote attackers to execute arbitrary code and compromise targeted servers This xkcd comic (Frequentists vs. Bayesians) makes fun of a frequentist statistician who derives an obviously wrong result. However it seems to me that his reasoning is actually correct in the sens Why does XKCD say that autogyros will crash if the pilot reacts to a stall as in a normal airplane? Ask Question Asked 3 years, 2 months ago. Active 2 years, 10 months ago. Viewed 45k times 152. 11 $\begingroup$ This recent XKCD comic is all about autogyros. Image is copyright XKCD, licensed under CC 2.5 BY-NC. The note at the bottom is what got my attention. Extremely safe, unless you do the.

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+1 to the sibling suggestion of xkcd's Lucky Ten Thousand, but also https://jvns.ca/blog I've always had the impression that this type of retreats were more a trend or status signaling than anything else. ape4 25 days ago. Its not so hard to turn off a landline. Turn down the ringer. If you have a cordless phone - unplug the base. Robotbeat 25 days ago. Wasn't so easy in the past. 松本市、安曇野市・塩尻市のエクステリア、ガーデニング・駐車場・門塀・天然芝をはじめとした庭づくりのサービスを提供しています。プレックスガーデンは、お客様満足を視点に入れた庭づくりサービスを提供しております Naturally, this ended up being Undermined by Reality, as the real-life re-openings led to another wave of cases. xkcd: This comic notes that works presumably set in the present but produced before the pandemic feel like depictions of a different time because of the absence of public health precautions such as masks and social distancing

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Quickly graph a list of numbers. $ gnuplot -persist < (echo plot '< (sort -n listOfNumbers.txt)' with lines) Cut out a piece of film from a file. Choose an arbitrary length and starting time. $ ffmpeg -vcodec copy -acodec copy -i orginalfile -ss 00:01:30 -t 0:0:20 newfile This should never happen is a design pattern of defensive programming. This is the same pattern for assert. The usual use is to catch errors caused by misuse of a method Early stats of a viral tweet. I have technically been on Twitter since 2011. I don't post particularly often and I didn't have many followers (I'm fairly sure half the ones I did have were either bots or inactive). Most of the things I've posted are liked exclusively by my colleagues, my Mum and my ex-flatmate. It's screaming into the void. This one felt different, and it was.

The timeliness of your dataset is likely to be dependent on the Data Integration pipeline that led to its creation. This could be real-time, making data available very soon after the event it describes, or processed in a batch, meaning the data is frozen until the next refresh. Changes to this pipeline may allow you access to more up to date data and to be more responsive to recent events Other spurious things. Discover a correlation: find new correlations.; Go to the next page of charts, and keep clicking next to get through all 30,000.; View the sources of every statistic in the book Stiftung Warentest: Testberichte zu Elektronik, Haushalt und Gesundheit sowie Finanzen, Versicherung und Steuer Still not sure why (as the WiFi here didn't change) but I had the LED of my ScanSnap ix500 scan button light up orange instead of blue. Via How to Connect More than One Mobile Device to Your ScanSnap iX500 [WayBack], I found out it means this: If the light is orange, go to the ScanSnap Wireless Setu And the cat's in the cradle with the silver spoon Little Boy Blue and the Man in the Moon When's your army painted, dad? I don't kno

The Coronavirus pandemic has led to many new initiatives to help scientists share resources and data. We talked to, Tobias Opialla and Lisa Rieble who have created a new platform called LabHive. We discussed what LabHive is and how it got started, as well as how Open Science principles and practices relate to the new normal and how communication is key. Episode Links: LabHive WirVsVirus Impact. The ubiquity of Alice and Bob in the university led to winking references in digital and popular culture, including jokes, t-shirts, music, and comics. Noting their importance, in cryptology research if not digital culture, the security company that created Alice and Bob, RSA Security, chose them as their theme for their 2011 annual security conference. The following timeline traces the major. DynaTrap XL Insect Trap For 1 Acre w/ Extended Life UV LED Bulb. Available for 5 Easy Payments. $129.76 $157.00 (120) New. Sh6/24 DynaTrap XL Insect Trap For 1/4 Acre w/ Extended Life UV LED Bulb. Available for 5 Easy Payments. $48.76 $59.00. Best Seller. DynaShield S/2 Portable Mosquito Repellents by DynaTrap . Available for 3 Easy Payments. $41.85 $48.50 (30) New. DynaTrap 1 Acre LED. xkcd xkcd. 434 3 3 gold badges 7 7 silver badges 15 15 bronze badges. Add a comment | 2 Answers Active Oldest Votes. 21. Putty does support ssh tunnels, if you expand the Connection, SSH tree, you'll see an entry for tunnels. Local tunnels produce a localhost port opening on your windows machine that remotes to the ip address and port you specify. For instance, when I'm trying to RDP to a.

Posts about graffiti written by Digital Awareness. Μια πολύ ωραία συλλογή από φωτογραφίες που έχουν βγάλει κάτι τύποι που βάζουν την φωτογραφική σε τρίποδα ρυθμισμένη σε 10-30 δευτερόλεπτα έκθεσης και ζωγραφίζουν στον αέρα με φακούς, LEDs. Posts about photography written by Digital Awareness. Μια πολύ ωραία συλλογή από φωτογραφίες που έχουν βγάλει κάτι τύποι που βάζουν την φωτογραφική σε τρίποδα ρυθμισμένη σε 10-30 δευτερόλεπτα έκθεσης και ζωγραφίζουν στον αέρα με φακούς, LEDs.

In Spades. Because -- Ugh! -- ranking. By physicists, of course. Here's the usual XKCD reference: but I feel uncomfortable with the idea that they may be both funding the basic research which led to the lab leak and also profiting from the companies which created the vaccines. It's unfortunate that the accident occurred at WIV, which looks like it was doing quality research. It would have. These stats can now work with groups that have a single unique value. Fixed bug where plots with theme_xkcd cannot be saved twice . Fixed bug that made it impossible to map to columns with the same name as a calculated columns of the stat. Fixed bug in geom_smooth that made it difficult to use it with stats other than stat_smooth. Fixed bug in position_dodge where by bar plot could get. Posts about disability written by louhicky. louhicky. It felt so good to present my work alongside @theodorajewell at the #aihistories seminar today. There was a lot of UCSD togetherness No information given ROFLCon was a biennial convention of internet memes that took place in 2008, 2010 and 2012, featuring various internet celebrities.All three events were at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.ROFLCon was first organized by a group of students from Harvard University led by Tim Hwang. According to Hwang, the inspiration for the conference was the September 23, 2007 meetup of fans of xkcd.

At the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, more than 40,000 students take tests twice a week for the coronavirus. They cannot enter campus buildings unless an app vouches that their test. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email

Es trafen sich ab 18:00 im Maharani wie beim vorigen Stammtisch acht Wikipedianer: Don-kun, PaulT, Martin Geisler, Flugs, Sascha Claus, sowie die Stammtisch-Neulinge Dr.üsenfieber, Geyslein und c:User:Higgenhorscht.Leider konnte die Wikipedianerin Higgenhorscht nur kurz zu Beginn erscheinen und manche andere kamen später, so dass nur maximal sieben gleichzeitig am Tisch saßen Tech companies are led by men; Geography of hateful tweets; Steam Game Stats; Infographics at The Guardian. Bad. wtfviz.net has a surfeit of bad visualizations. An xkcd info graphic (Note: the only reason this is classified as bad is because of the magnitude of information that he is trying to get across! Of course it is meant to be ridiculous so in a sense it does a good job of conveying. Status: Confirmed Year: 2008 Origin Ctrl+Alt+Del . Popular: Five Nights at Freddy's We're Here to Kill Chaos / Chaosposting World Leaders At G7 2021 Miitopia Mii Maker Kiryu Coco (NSFW) Loss Meme . Part of a series on Ctrl+Alt+Del. View Related Entries. Status: confirmed Origin: Ctrl+Alt+Del Year: 2008. Type: Parody. Added Jul 02, 2011 at 05:02PM EDT by oddguy. Updated Jun 09, 2021 at 07:29AM.

Samsung TV Firmware Hacking. [Erdem] is leading up the efforts to reverse engineer Samsung TV firmware with a project called SamyGo. Official Samsung firmware uses the Linux kernel, making it a. May 27, 2014 - A viral video aggregate blog with everything fresh from funny to weird and even educational

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