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+38 −0 Crypto Gnome Profit Trailer Settings/USDT SETTINGS/DCA.properties +12 −0 Crypto Gnome Profit Trailer Settings/USDT SETTINGS/INDICATORS.properties +83 −0 Crypto Gnome Profit Trailer Settings/USDT SETTINGS/PAIRS.propertie I review my settings and why I am testing out USDT trading pairs. As always the links are below and please comment with any questions or comments you may hav.. Get Profit Trailer Here:https://profittrailer.com/pt/CryptoGnome/ Get Profit Trailer Feeder HERE:https://cryptoprofitbot.com/?ref=CryptoGnome*NEW* PT TRACKER.. Profit Trailer Most Powerful CryptoTrading Bot : https://bit.ly/2QL03UzJoin Binance & Sign Up Now & Make Crypto Profits: https://bit.ly/2L9AN.. Contribute to Fogazi/Profit-Trailer-Settings-Bittrex-USDT development by creating an account on GitHub

Profit-Trailer-Settings / Old CryptoGnome Profit Trailer v1.0 Settings / USDT SETTINGS / PAIRS.properties Go to file Go to file T; Go to line L; Copy path Cannot retrieve contributors at this time. 69 lines (43 sloc) 1.31 KB Raw Blame # CryptoGnome. profit trailer settings 2020 WHAT IS OUR NEW STRATEGY ? WE ARE USING DOUBLE BOLLINGER BAND STRATEGY , THE FIRST BOLLINGER BAND IS USED WITH HIGHER TIME FRAME TO MAKE SURE THAT WE ARE IN THE CORRECT BUYING ZONE AND THE SECOND BOLLINGER BAND IS USED WITH LOWER TIME FRAME TO CATCH THE PRICE AT THE DIP

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  1. These Settings Aim to Get 1% of the BASE TRADE; These Setting do not Double down, each buy is equal to the initial buy in the PAIRS file. Merged with official ProfitTrailer Settings to offer the descriptions. Added a third buying strategy to make the settings more conservative
  2. # You assume all risk in using these settings. Please understand all settings and don't # # just do a blind copy. Some settings need changed based on your situation. # # # # ##### # Set Market BTC, ETH, BNB, USDT: market = BTC # Enable Default Trading: DEFAULT_trading_enabled = true # Hide BNB and Disable Trading: hidden_pairs = BNB: BNB_trading_enabled = false # Enable DC
  3. Again, I cannot stress enough the importance of following each step and understanding what each of the settings in Profit Trailer are and what they do. There are several important safety valves in Profit Trailer to keep the bot from chewing through your crypto like cookie monster on a 3 day bender. One is ALL_max_cost = x.xxxxx in pairs.properties. This sets the amount of coin, in.
  4. Die USDT Settings findet ihr hier. Ich wurde schon oft auf meine Profit Trailer Settings angesprochen. Damit ich diese nicht dauerhaft im Blog veröffentlichen muss, habe ich mich dazu entschieden diese quasi Live (Aktualisierung alle 60 Sekunden) hier zu veröffentlichen
  5. I generally just trade between USDT and BTC and was hoping to set up Profit Trailer to do the same.i.e; Buy BTC. If BTC + 3% on buy price then sell. wait until true. If Btc = -3% on sell price then buy. Loop. No fancy pairs, trading strategy, just buy low sell high on loop. Surely there's a predefined config for this. Cheers

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profit trailer settings 2020. what is our new strategy ? we are using double bollinger band strategy , the first bollinger band is used with higher time frame to make sure that we are in the correct buying zone and the second bollinger band is used with lower time frame to catch the price at the dip do we use dca here ? yes , to make sure closing all trades with profit is it a scalping. The No.1 crypto trading bot. It gives you the ability to trade crypto currencies automatically on multiple crypto exchanges. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week! Core Gui Features. ProfitTrailer the innovative crypto trading bot. Our trading bot is available on Windows, MacOS and Linux - USDT (Binance and Binance Futures only) - ETH (Binance only and fewer signals) - BNB (Binance only and fewer signals) - USD (Binance US only) Health Warning Buy signals are only one part of your strategy. You will still need to write your own PT config with your sell strategy and any trading security settings you need based on your own personal risk appetite Everything about ProfitTrailer ProfitTrailer is a smart crypto currency trading bot. It gives you the ability to automatically trade using different exchanges in a fast, stable and simple way 24 hours a day, 7 days in a week, 365 days a year on Binance, Poloniex and Bittrex. [Get ProfitTrailer] (https://profittrailer.com/pt/gk

Profit Trailer Crypto Trading Bot - USDT Pairs & Settings

Profit Trailer Settings - BTC 20.04.2018 Achtung: Diese Einstellungen sind nicht mehr aktuell, da ich auf die Währung USDT (Tether) zum handeln umgestiegen bin. Die USDT Settings findet ihr hier our profit trailer settings advantages : 1 - trading btcusdt only ( as this pair is the most stable and profitable pair ) 2 - unique and highly optimized settings ( you will not find any similar settings anywhere else ) 3 - so simple but so profitable settings. 4 - powerful buy and sell signals . 5 - no dca used (to protect your balance from market crash ) 6 - high profit factor. If a setting has a coin specific override this has priority over default. # By default you buy 10 worth but for ETH you buy 15 worth. DEFAULT_initial_cost = 10 ETH_initial_cost = 15. Copy. Most DCA settings can be tuned per DCA level. Say the deeper you go into DCA the less risky you want to get for example Profit. Trailer. Settings. Place to store and stay up to date with configs & strategies from the CryptoGnome Group. Stars. 338. License. Open Issues. 16 Profit Trailer does frequent small trades automatically to slowly build up your bitcoin/eth/USDT. Now if you have lots of BTC/ETH/USDT you want to through at it and let it trade you can. More you have the more you can make. Also the more you can lose. So be smar

When setting up a trailing stop order, a trader has the option to set up an activation price to activate the placement of the trailing stop. This function allows a trader to activate the trailing stop only when the position is in profit, so-called Trailing Profit Example. Current Last traded price (LTP) is 7000 and trader is holding a long position. He wish to place a trailing stop of. Yes, PtTracker works by reading the ProfitTrailerData.json and log files created by ProfitTrailer. Since these files only contains bot trading data, PtTracker is safe, secure, and does not access or use any API keys or other sensitive information. The developer of Profit Trailer (Elroy) has also looked through our code and has deemed it is safe Check the box on the bottom of Set Take Profit part to enable it. The feature has only one setting called deviation which you can change in the same part. Let's check TP settings on the image above. The overall target is +10% or 237.63 USDT. We have the trailing feature enabled there with -2% maximum deviation

EMA Cross for Profit Trailer. Ema cross tester. ONLY USED WITH EMA_CROSS_CANDLES=1 Suppose a trader has 100 USDT in his, her Binance futures account. He uses 10x leverage on any trade. Now his capital is multiplied 10 times and becomes 1000 USDT. Any profit and loss you make will be multiplied 10 times. If your trade with 10x leverage goes in profit of 10%, your net profit will be 10×10=100%

Stoic's hedge settings let users select the share of the portfolio they want to keep in USDT. Keeping a part of the portfolio in USDT will reduce potential gains but will also reduce the overall volatility and the depth of any drawdown. This could be the right thing to do during a period of market turbulence. The demo mode in the app shows performance without any hedging (i.e. 0% in USDT. Crypto trading bot for Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Set automated trading bots on Binance, Bitfinex, Kraken and over 25 other cryptocurrency exchanges. The Bitsgap Bot is a great ally in a fluctuating market - when the price moves the algorithm will automatically set Buy and Sell orders when there is a best opportunity to make a profit When you trade on Kucoin using our software we can get a commission from all your paid fees. This allows us to pay our costs and development work. Numerous Buy and Sell Strategies. ProfitTrailer supports 40+ different buy/sell strategies. You can combine up to 26 buy/sell strategies such as LOWBB, RSI, BBWIDTH, MACD, EMAGAIN to make very.

Lower Limit: 9.000 USDT; Profit per Grid: 1%; Total Investment: 500 USDT; Once started, the bot will buy some BTC let's say for ~450 USDT. It will keep ~50 USDT in case the price falls, because the Lower Limit is below the current price. The Bot will then make sure your BTC holdings will ALWAYS be worth 450 USDT. In our example that means: Once the price rises 1% and reaches 10.100 USDT. The. Use Pionex Grid Trading Bot to make profit in the fluctuated sideways-market with the BTC/USDT Trading-Pair. Set the parameters like this: After the bot has been created, it'll slice the range from 5000 to 8000 into 10 sections (Grids) and place orders in each of these sections. As the price fluctuates, it'll keep executing the buy orders. As the Trigger Price ($8,700 USDT) is lower than the Last Price, the order will be placed as a Take Profit Order. You can check the order placed under [Open Order]

the strategy is great for protecting you from market crashes and increase your usdt balance all settings have 3 years backtest you will get a free lifetime updates ( we do a periodic optimization for the settings ) after completing the payment process , you will get an excel sheet containing the three parameters of macd ( fast length + slow length + macd length ) for the 10 pairs. SL @ @ 0.18 (48% Loss) TP1 @ 0.51 (44% Profit) TP2 @ 0.82 (132% Profit) 3. 0. BZRX/USDT. BZRXUSDT, 1D. abdulafghani. Buing = Below from 0.4 and 0.35 Sell = 0.55 and 0.66 Long Term = 1 USDT 2. 0. BZXRUSDT - LONG SETUP. BZRXUSDT , 1D. Long. ITSCRYPTO1. BZXR on the weekly timeframe has a nice over extended M formation, after a M formation what you can expect to see is the market complete the. If you started a Grid Bot on BTC/USDT in 2017 back when BTC/USDT was at 18k, you would have earned profits with Grid Trading for the whole time, but overall you would still be at a loss. Suppose you are not managing your buy and sell transactions effectively in a fluctuating market or don't have essential order types such as stop-limit orders setup for market triggers

Profit Trailer Crypto Trading Bot USDT Pairs & Settings

We'll accept the setting of Quote as our Profit Currency, so we make profit in USDT. If this is one of your first bots, it may be worth keeping the Base Order and Safety Order amounts as 10 USDT, in total this bot will use 150 USDT of funds, should all the DCA/Safety Orders be used. As you gain more confidence in your bot strategies, you may wish to risk more per bot deal. It is recommended. We have already reported on our first experiences in the test with Cryptohopper.The interest in Cryptohopper settings is huge. So we were asked more and more often which Cryptohopper settings are the best. Whether for beginners or advanced, we will explain exactly how Cryptohopper works and how you have to proceed. We're also looking at how to set Cryptohopper settings in 2021

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Too many settings! We'll start with less than five of them! No need to learn everything in one go, so don't worry if it looks scary. Name. It's crucial to use unique names when you have many bots, and My First Bot is pretty unique: the next can't be the first. Start with USDT_BTC pair. It might be under recommended pairs: And the list contains all pairs. Start typing to filter the list: Set. 3Commas is a trading platform that helps you do business on crypto market exchanges since 2017. We've created a clear and transparent system that conducts transactions according to the parameters you set, and we have connected investment tools and financial protection algorithms to it. Our users trade on 23 exchanges and automatically get. TAKE PROFIT - The sell occurred as a result of triggering DEFAULT_take_profit_percentage or DEFAULT_DCA_take_profit_percentage as well as the related wait_time and reset_percentage_move. TAKE PROFIT SAFETY - The sell occured due to triggering your DEFAULT_take_profit_safety_arm and DEFAULT_take_profit_safety_fire settings or DCA equivalents The strategy has two take profit settings and uses a stop loss. TP1 and SL are based on ATR and TP2 is an EMA crossover. The strategy goes both long and short and the default settings work particularly well as a scalping strategy for ETHUSDT on the 5M time frame. I have also created... 27. 2. Coinbase to Binance premium indicator/strategy. LowSkiII. 1) Offers bar/ma chart of premium 2) Offers.

GRID Bot is a very versatile trading tool. It's simple, effective, and useful for various kinds of different markets, situations, and trading strategies. If you're still wondering what's the benefit of using a Grid Trading Bot, the below article might helps before reading this one. If you're already using a GRDI Bot, here are some examples of use cases for the Grid Bot. Contents1 Ultra. Grid Trading Bot Example Use Pionex Grid Trading Bot to make profit in the fluctuated sideways-market with the BTC/USDT Trading-Pair. Set the parameters like this: Upper Limit Price: 8000 USDT Lower Limit Price: 5000 USDT Grid Quantity: 10 Quantity Per Grid: 1 BTC After the bot has been created, it'll slice the range from 5000 to 8000 into 10 sections (Grids) and place orders in each of. BUY/SELL SIGNAL SETTINGS. Validate signals after X time: Select the time after which you want to check/validate if a signal was good or bad. If you are building a day-trading focused AI, for example, then probably 1 day or even less would be your preferred choice. If you would like to create a swing trading AI, maybe 3-5 days would be more appropriate for you. For this example, we will go.

Exchange Tether USDT fast and securely. Protect your Tether USDT Trades with our Escrow Service. Complete a Tether USDT trade in just under 5 minute Please go to our start page and start mine Ergo coin today! You can start Ergo coin now if you read help page carefully. You can find all Ergo mining settings in help page. How to mine Ergo (ERG) Coin - Ergo Mine! Get your Ergo coin wallet address. Earning Ergo Coin Pool and Solo Mining. Ergo Mining. Configure your miner settings. Use solo. Earn 10x Profit(Buy Long) on Margin Trading (Cartoon) For example, if you hold 10 USDT in KuCoin, after borrowing 20 USDT, you have 30 USDT available for margin trade. If the investment strategy is appropriate, margin trade can essentially magnify the gains for traders. There are six steps in total to complete a full set of Margin trade process: enable margin trade, transferring funds. FIL USDT / 4 HOUR - 6 month hold Millionaire Makers. FILUSDT, 240. WallStreetPremium . FIL USDT / 4 HOUR more great calls see bottom of page 3. 0. fil. FILUSDT, 60 Short. variousFinance57753. signal fil 1. 0. FILUSDT. FILUSDT, 240. Long. Number9TH. See chart for TP1 & TP2 I'm not a story teller, neither i trade on news. The only story what u should be reading is the chart itself. 5. 0. FIL.

Huobi Futures Launches USDT-Margined Swaps Video Contest. We're Giving Away 60,000 USDT in Our Summer Invitational Event! $10,000 Giveaway for New Futures Users. Announcement on Delisting SUN/USD Coin-margined Swaps. BTC/USDT Swap -3.95% NiceHash is the leading cryptocurrency platform for mining and trading. Sell or buy computing power, trade most popular cryptocurrencies and support the digital ledger technology revolution Enjoy 30% OFF All ProfitTrailer subscription only hurry u As a matter of fact, setting your leverage is fairly simplified. Take-Profit-Limit Order; Opening a Short or Long Position Limit Orders . Limit orders are used when you want to buy at a specific price. To set a limit order, you'll have to specify the price at which you want to buy or sell. On the Order Quantity tab, input the amount of BTC that you wish to buy. In this case, we've set. As a StormGain client, you'll be able to take part in the Loyalty program, which combines up to a 20% bonus on each deposit, a 12% interest rate on all your crypto stored in our crypto wallets and up to 20% trading and exchange commission discounts. Our intuitive crypto trading app lets you buy Bitcoin with a debit card or sell Bitcoin for cash


Profit.co has an onboarding specialist team that can handhold you for a successful onboarding process- from setting-up your account to creating OKRs for different hierarchical levels. We also offer dozens of app integrations so you can keep using the platforms that work for your team alongside Profit.co Dogecoin prices are under pressure but DOGE/USDT bulls expect a recovery with targets at $1 or better in upcoming sessions. profits will be reaped by those who HODL—practicing prudent risk management. Still, the correction isn't over despite price action bearing similarities to the price setup of March, which preceded the burst to $0.80. He notes that the DOGE price is moving inside a.

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Total earnings have been [34861.68 USDT] with the trading strategy being copied [36] times. The initial creator of this trading strategy will earn 5% of all profits from the strategy. Click the Details button on the right side of the ranking and view details of each trading masters' strategy. Click the Copy button to follow their strategies. Explore one-click copy trading now. USDT ; GBP ; ETH ; × . Helpdesk ×. 0 801 066 392 It is not possible to make a profit on cryptocurrencies without exposing yourself to the risk of incurring a loss. When making investment decisions, the User should be guided by his own judgment. More information is available in the Declaration of Investment Risk. The Data Controller of your personal data is BB Trade Estonia OÜ with its. If you work with a non-profit or community organization that has a podcast and is looking to make it better, get more listeners, and have more impact, let's talk. This episode has more info, so please listen before contacting me. If you're not involved with a non-profit or community organization, go here for episodes that will help you make more money with your business. Links To Things I Talk. Elden Ring is on its way and developers FromSoftware have given fans a huge reveal of what the game will entail. Fans had to wait two years for this gameplay trailer to be revealed, but it seems.

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For Profit Trailer. For Profit Trailer. TradingView. EN. TradingView . Launch chart See ticker overview Search ideas Search scripts Search people. Profile Profile Settings Account and Billing Referred friends Coins My Support Tickets Help Center Dark color theme Sign Out Sign in Upgrade Upgrade now Start free trial Upgrade plan Pay nothing extra Upgrade early Get 6 months free Use last chance. The profits from my first BTCUSDT trade in this experiment more than justified the $9.95 It is a simple tool and the process for setting a TSL is pretty straight forward. You just link your exchange, toggle Trailing on when creating your trade, and then specify how much you want it to trail by. Thanks for reading. If there were any errors or omissions then please send me a message. Below are the commands to install needed software and Profit Trailer on your Raspberry Pi. I highly recommend to use DietPi now instead of Raspbian. DietPi is a fantastic image as it allows you to easily install dozens of software and scripts for Pi's. It's also very efficient as a lot is stripped of the image. Detailed instructions on how to install DietPi can be found here https://dietpi.

Privacy & Cookies: This site uses cookies. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here. Profile Profile Settings Account and Billing Referred friends Coins My Support Tickets Help Center Dark color theme Sign Out Sign in Upgrade Upgrade now 30-day Free Trial Start free trial Upgrade plan Pay nothing extra Upgrade early Get 6 months free Use last chance Get a month for $ TradingView India. This is a highly adjustable indicator for the ProfitTrailer Crypto Currency Trading Bot. You can use it to visualize the SMASPREAD buy strategy. Here is how it works: Set the candle size by setting your TV candle time accordingly Set the candles used for Slow and Fast SMA Lines in the settings of this Indicator Also set the buy value you would like to use on your bot to.

Do you want to try out a unique indicator setup that ProfitTrailer does not support? Now you can configure TradingView to send alerts to your bot using the PT TradingView Integration addon. Read the wiki for more information on setup USDT and Coin Margined Futures. Margin trading, or leverage trading, is a feature available on Binance Futures that allows a trader to 'leverage' a certain amount by which a trader can multiply their position. So if a margin trader opens a trade with 100X leverage, both their exposure and potential profit would multiply by 100 times. As of right now, Binance Futures product offers two.

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It works by applying an Elder % of profit, e.g. 40% or 50%. The second function offered by the expert, which may become precious is that it will record the full profit/loss history of the order, and the positive profit history associated to the trailing stop; this profit history will help refining the settings of the trailing stop strategy OKEx Web-Based spot Trading Platform - Modernize your xch-usdt trading experience on our next generation browser-based trading platform Profit on yours Binance account without worries about trading software, setup, crypto signals, servers and support! Here is the statistics of trading with Bibot on our test account with default settings. Last 6 weeks results. 7 - 13 october: 14 - 20 october: 21 - 27 october: 28 october - 3 november: 4 - 10 november: 11 - 17 november + 6.16 %-0.33 % + 0.92 %-4.03 % + 2.4 % + 5.28 %. New field rp for the realized profit of the trade in event ORDER_TRADE_UPDATE 2020-06-15. New fields in responses to GET /fapi/v2/account and GET /fapi/v2/balance: availableBalance; maxWithdrawAmount; 2020-06-04. New endpoints of version 2 of fapi, having better performance than the v1 endpoints: GET /fapi/v2/account; GET /fapi/v2/balance; 2020-06-02. New endpoint GET /fapi/v2/positionRisk. FTX will first turn (non-USD fiat), then (BTC and USDT), then (ETH, BNB, PAXG, XAUT, KNC), and (BCH, LTC, TRYB, LINK, TRX), and then FTT (if you have it enabled) into USD. If both BTC and USDT are eligible choices, FTX will choose the larger balance: if you have $1000 of USDT and $100 of BTC, your USDT will be traded into USD first. FTT collateral is always used last. If you'd like to convert.

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