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Relax, Recuperate, Recharge. Self-catered Chalet by Arosa Ideal for Ski or Walking holiday Welcome to the Linux Weather Forecast This page is an attempt to track ongoing developments in the Linux development community that have a good chance of appearing in a mainline kernel and/or major distributions sometime in the near future. Your chief meteorologist is Jonathan Corbet, Executive Editor at LWN.net

Users of a Debian-based Linux distribution like Ubuntu can download and install the weather command using the following command: sudo apt-get install weather-util Alternatively, you can also download its source and install it manually To Get Weather Forecast In Linux Console, execute the following command: Replace the location portion with the name of your place. For example: You can specify the country where you live when required. The syntax is as follows: Note: It is important to not enter a space between and after the comma

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1 to 7 day forecast; WeGo is a Go app for displaying weather info in the terminal. It's install can be a little tricky, but it's easy to set up. You'll need to register an API Key here (if using forecast.io, which is default). Once you set it up, it's fairly practical for someone who mostly works in the terminal First you need to install the weather-util package, to do that just press Ctrl + Alt + T on your keyboard to open Terminal. When it opens, run the command (s) below: sudo apt-get install weather-util You'll need your local weather code

WeeWX is a free, open source, software program, written in Python, which interacts with your weather station to produce graphs, reports, and HTML pages. It can optionally publish to weather sites or web servers. It uses modern software concepts, making it simple, robust, and easy to extend. It includes extensive documentation. WeeWX runs under most versions of Linux, as well as macOS, *BSD. Today's weather forecast. Hourly, long term and precipitation map from NRK and Meteorologisk institutt. Search among 13 million locations in Norway and the world Install Meteo on Linux Before we can go over how to set up Meteo for quick weather updates on the Linux desktop, the program needs to be installed. Unfortunately, the Meteo application doesn't seem to be packaged for distribution on any of the major Linux desktop operating systems (except Arch Linux)

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  1. al itself. If curl program is not installed, you can install it as shown below depending upon the Linux distribution you use. On Arch Linux and its derivatives: $ sudo pacman -S cur
  2. The My Weather Indicator app is an incredibly detailed weather forecast app for the Linux desktop. It features a 5-day weather report, accurate information about the sunrise, phase of the moon, the chance of rain and more
  3. The Met Office is using a Linux software management package to improve communication with university research departments and manage and deploy software and antivirus updates. The government weather agency plans to complete installation of Novell's Ximian Red Carpet Enterprise product in the next three months. The roll-out will mean that more than 400 of Met [
  4. al-based tool lets you access current weather conditions, week-ahead forecasts, and a few other bytes of info without ever needing to alt-tab away from the command line

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Despite being one of the best weather apps for Linux, Stormcloud is neither free nor open source. For around 3 bucks, you can get your hands on this app from the Ubuntu Software Center. However, if you are not someone who likes to invest hard-earned cash on proprietary software, don't fret. There's an open source fork of Stormcloud that you can install on your desktop right away. Titled. GNOME Weather is a standalone and open source weather forecast application, specifically designed for the GNOME desktop environment. Actually, it is the first ever dedicated weather app for GNOME. The application has been engineered to display current weather conditions of a single or multiple.

Wego is a cool weather client for your Linux terminal, it will display the weather in ASCII. It can show you the forecast for 1 to 5 days, in metric or imperial and also can use SSL for security. It will show you the temperature, the wind speed and direction, the viewing distance and the precipitation amount and probability. How to instal XyGrib is a Grib file reader and visualizes meteorological data providing an off-line capability to analyse weather forecasts or hindcasts. The XyGrib software is released as open source under the GPLv3 License. It is intended to be used as a capable weather work station for anyone with a serious interest in examining weather. This would include members of the sailing community, private and.

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  1. The Weather Desklet displays current and forecast weather on your Cinnamon desktop. It has plenty of options for configuring how it looks and comes with a selection of great weather icons, or you can use your own. For those who like to keep an eye on the weather in several locations it supports multiple instances. At present the Weather Desklet can work with data from the BBC, Open Weather Map.
  2. wttr.in is a feature-packed weather forecast service that supports displaying the weather from a console. It can automatically detect your location (based on your IP address), supports specifying the location or searching for a geographical location (like a site in a city, a mountain and so on), and much more. Oh, and you don't have to install it - all you need to use it is cURL
  3. FMI Weather Binding. This binding integrates to the Finnish Meteorological Institute (FMI) Open Data API. (opens new window) . Binding provides access to weather observations from FMI weather stations and HIRLAM weather forecast model. (opens new window) forecasts. Forecast covers all of Europe, see previous link for more information
  4. Run wego once again and you should get the weather forecast for the current and next few days for your chosen location. If you're visiting someone in e.g. London over the weekend, just run wego 4 London or wego London 4 (the ordering of arguments makes no difference) to get the forecast for the current and the next 3 days. Unfortunately that does not currently work with the forecast.io backend.
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Weather. Utilities. Install on Linux. A convergent weather application for Plasma. Has flat and dynamic/animated views for showing forecasts and other information It displays all forecasts for the next twenty four hours, then displays the closest time forecast for the day after that. For example, if it's 1136 (as I'm writing this) it shows all forecasts through the 1100 forecast the next day, then the 1100 forecast for each subsequent day. Options and .rc file are the same as for weather.sh In the spirit of using this site as my public facing notebook. I sharing with you and future me, what might be, the most beautiful terminal based weather forecast application wttr.in.Rather than babble endlessly about all my reasons for my love for the terminal, I am going to link you here to my Tmux blathering.. There is nothing to install, unless you don't have curl but that is pretty. Get the forecast for today, tonight & tomorrow's weather for Vilnius, Vilnius, Lithuania. Hi/Low, RealFeel®, precip, radar, & everything you need to be ready for the day, commute, and weekend

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Foreca Weather API includes both point forecasts and weather maps in one package. Global coverage - weather forecasts for every coordinate in the world. Foreca's high forecast accuracy provided in an easy-to-use format. Easy to combine with API add-ons. TRY IT FOR FREE - Development access (2000 requests/day) provided for up to 12 months Use this open source tool to get your local weather forecast. Know whether you need a coat, an umbrella, or sunscreen before you go out with wego in the thirteenth in our series on 20 ways to be more productive with open source in 2020. 23 Jan 2020 Kevin Sonney (Correspondent) Feed. 94. up. 3 comments. Image credits : Flickr user: theaucitron (CC BY-SA 2.0) x. Subscribe now . Get the. Program to show the weather forecast of the next hours and days: meteo-.9.6-bp153.1.23.s390x.rpm: Program to show the weather forecast of the next hours and days: meteo-.9.6-bp153.1.23.x86_64.rpm: Program to show the weather forecast of the next hours and days : openSUSE Leap 15.2. openSUSE Oss aarch64 Official: meteo-.9.6-lp152.2.3.aarch64.rpm: Program to show the weather forecast of the. The software collection forms part of our series of informative articles for Linux enthusiasts. There's tons of in-depth reviews, alternatives to Google, fun things to try, hardware, free programming books and tutorials, and much more. Related articles. Share this article. forecasting meteogram weather. Post navigation. Previous Post: 7 Best Free Linux Bible Software. Next Post: 5 Excellent. How to browse weather forecast under linux command line. Time:2021-3-30. Q:I often check the weather forecast on my Linux desktop. However, is there a way to query weather forecast in terminal environment without desktop plug-ins or browsers? One of them is wego, a small program under the terminal. Using the ncurses based interface, this command-line program allows you to view the current.

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Weather APIs are Application Programming Interfaces that allow you to connect to large databases of weather forecast and historical information. Thanks to APIs and smartphones with built-in GPS, we have access to mobile applications that provide hour-by-hour forecasts, severe weather alerts, and other relevant weather information for just about every place we go. This blog post highlights. Get current weather, hourly forecast, daily forecast for 16 days, and 3-hourly forecast 5 days for your city. Historical weather data for 40 years back for any coordinate. Helpful stats, graphics, and this day in history charts are available for your reference. Interactive maps show precipitation, clouds, pressure, wind around your location Hourly Local Weather Forecast, weather conditions, precipitation, dew point, humidity, wind from Weather.com and The Weather Channe Some time ago, my rather old (zsh!) script for checking the current weather from the weather service Yr.no broke, after some looking around I found a new alternative called Forecast. The script is written in Bash, and it's pretty straightforward. It requires bash, curl and xsltproc. This is the syntax for how you show the current weather: $ forecast.sh -l Sweden/Stockholm/Stockholm. Simple and fast and free weather API from OpenWeatherMap you have access to current weather data, hourly, 5- and 16-day forecasts. Historical weather data for 40 years back for any coordinate. Weather maps, UV Index, air pollution and historical dat

Weather forecasts information on your Desktop. To learn more about gadgets see the wiki page here Weather Bar lives in your Menu Bar giving you access to beautiful real-time weather conditions and a generous 15-day forecast. running the latest versions of Windows, MacOS and Linux Operating Systems. Screenshots Thoughtful Design. Weather Bar provides Current Weather based on Actual Weather Conditions & Astronomy. Advanced Settings. View Current Conditions and 15 Day Forecasts with the. forecast is a query program for the forecast.io API. It provides a command line interface which makes weather data for a configurable location available in the terminal. Capabilities include: Plotting tables with current, hourly and daily weather conditions. Rendering barplots of temperature and precepitation curves for hourly and daily weather.

Forecast shows the weather for the next 7 days including amount of precipitation, probability of precipitation, wind speed and direction, pressure, humidity, UV index, dew point, and sunrise / sunset times. Expand any day of the week and get a visual chart on temperature and detailed weather information for the day; Obtain forecasts for any. Windows PC, iOS, Mac, Android, Linux: Version: 5.17.4: Screenshots. Weather by WeatherBug Review - Know Everything About Weather. Linda Philington; Weather by WeatherBug is a weather-predicting app available for various platforms. You can monitor real feel temperature, learn about coming precipitations, storms and blizzards. Besides, it has a few unique features, some of which allow access to.

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View weather for several days. Detailed weather forecast for today and tomorrow. Fast switching between cities. Select the background and theme weather icons. Compass with the wind direction, with adjustable angle of rotation. Highlighting the high wind. Supported weather services: > Gismeteo.com Acting on behalf of the Federal Government, MeteoSwiss provides various weather and climate services for the protection and benefit of Switzerland Everybody knows the little weather stations that uses different symbols to show you a rough weather forecast, based on the change in the barometric pressure during the last hours. Since I am also measuring the barometric pressure and having all the values from the past already in a database, I thought it would be nic The Linux Foundation has officially launched its Linux Weather Forecast page today. Developed by LWN editor Jonathan Corbet, it provides insight into ongoing kernel development activities.. The. Download vdr-weatherforecast linux packages for Fedora. Fedora Rawhide. RPM Fusion Free aarch64 Third-Party: vdr-weatherforecast-.2.-18.fc34.aarch64.rpm: A VDR plugin which provides a weather forecast : RPM Fusion Free x86_64 Third-Party: vdr-weatherforecast-.2.-18.fc34.x86_64.rpm: A VDR plugin which provides a weather forecast: Fedora 34. RPM Fusion Free aarch64 Third-Party: vdr.

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Introduction. cli-weather is a command line app to get instant real-time weather data by city name or postalcode from any corner on earth right on the command line.. Written in python and powered by WeatherBIT API, cli-weather also provides detailed weather data, air-quality data and forecasts for next 7 days with 24 hour intervals for weather and 3 days forecast with 12 hour intervals for air. Get Forecast Weather. Forecast with no specific time; Forecast for specific time; Step 1 : Install pyowm (Python Open Weather Map API) To get weather data we use python pyowm (Python Open Weather Map) in our code. This was released under MIT License (MIT). Let's install this API to begin our task. First of all, I assume that you have already installed python 3 in your computer. For. NOAH Weather. A full featured Open Sourced suite of PHP functions that can been used to build a weather website. It obtains forecasting and current conditions from NOAA as well as providing basic features as moon phases and sunrise/sunset. More features to be added. pxWeather Finding good weather forecast apps is one of the first things you should do after setting up your new device, whether it's an iPhone, Android tablet, Windows 10 device, a Mac, or even a computer running Linux.. The free default weather app that comes pre-installed is usually a pretty solid choice for basic forecast tasks, but there's a variety of third-party weather apps worth checking out.

A binary distribution for Linux is provided below; we also plan to provide a binary distribution Windows, as well as example datasets, in the near future. Source code. The Met.3D source code is available from our public Gitlab repository. Installation instructions for building the tool on Linux systems are available in the documentation on Read the Docs. Binary distributions. An experimental. Posts about Weather Forecast written by raspberrypiandstuff. If you want to try a different approach for a weather forecast than my simple weather forecast, based on the barometric pressure history, then you could use the so called Zambretti Forecaster.The Zambretti Forecaster is a weather forecasting tool in the form of a circular slide rule that was introduced by the company Negretti and. 5. Forecast. Forecast is a premium weather app for Windows 10. Available for a nominal charge on the Microsoft Store, it is one of the best weather apps on Windows 10, especially when it comes to aesthetics. It is a fast and fluid app with an easy-to-use interface, detailed weather forecasts for millions of locations around the world, and more Oct 2nd 2015. Label. Enigma2 Weather Plugins. No Selection. Display Options. Time Period. 24 Hours 3 Days 7 Days 14 Days 30 Days 60 Days 100 Days 365 Days From Any Date. Status. (No Selection) Read Unread Resolved Unresolved Closed Open

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By default, the weather icon on the taskbar in Windows 10 uses the location data to get information about the local forecast. It works in the same way the Weather app does. Still, sometimes Windows 10 incorrectly detects the location. Also, the weather card will not get the information it needs if you didn't grant access to the location data. When this happens, you may want to manually specify. 5. SAT24.cc. Sat24.cc is a website that has all the relevant features needed for the best online weather forecast. The website provides weather updates from a number of other weather websites, and. Free YoWindow Alternatives for Linux with feature 'weather-forecast' YoWindow is not available for Linux but there are a few alternatives that runs on Linux with similar functionality. The most popular Linux alternative is Weather, which is free. If that doesn't work for you, our users have ranked more than 50 alternatives to YoWindow, but unfortunately only two of them are available for Linux. Exact weather forecasts are important for scheduling your everyday actions. Farmers require information to aid them to think for the planting as well as harvesting of the plants. Beyond this, detailed predictions are less useful, meanwhile atmospheric conditions, for example, the temperature along with wind direction is very complicated

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Weather Timeline. Forecast HD. GNOME Shell Openweather Extension. Discussion. Might also be interesting to use the same list of locations as the system clock. Need to figure out how those locations are set. Tentative Guidelines. Comments. It's likely that users will enjoy having a forecast on a longer period than 10 days. However, according to specialised websites, Forecast precision is very. The Linux Foundation Collaboration Summit is an exclusive, invitation-only summit gathering core kernel developers, distribution maintainers, ISVs, end users, system vendors and other community organizations for plenary sessions and workgroup meetings to meet face-to-face to tackle and solve the most pressing issues facing Linux today Then you'll find Weather: As highlighted, click on the button adjacent to Show Weather card in my feed so it displays blue. While you're here, feel free to turn on or off other information cards to customize your display. Restart Microsoft Edge and, voila! That's a nice forecast. It may be 58F outside currently, but by Friday. Tray Weather Forecast v.1 It allows you to quickly view a weather forecast.Tray icon shows current outdoors temperature in chosen city. By clicking on it, hint window will be shown with forecast 3 to 9 days. Hourly forecast is present for 3 days. There is forecast for; Weather Forecast v.1.0 The interface is well organized with attractive graphics, but efforts have been made, to keep the. provides a weather forecast based on forecast.io dat

However, that free weather data a bit later only turned out to be forecast data. So in fact, what the 0.8.x versions of the weather plugin show as current weather is actually fake, derived from forecast data. Yes, the weather plugin is cheating! In most cases and for many locations however, that data is sufficiently good. Keep in mind that often values provided by other (even local) providers. selected Great Circle-Squid as its marine and race weather provider.. Read full article. Which models to choose ? On the channel and the french atlantic coast. Tidal forecast with Squid 1.10.0. Pre-start Weather Briefing . Route du Rhum. Choose a subscription. Compare Squid subscriptions. From our blog Modèle GEFS et certains GFS temporairement indisponnibles. avril 30 , 2021 Comment 0.

#Weather Binding v1. The Weather binding collects current and forecast weather data from different providers with a free weather API. It can also be used to display weather data with highly customizable html layouts and icons Query weather forecasts from forecast.io. Could you add git to the makedepends? This is needed to make the PKGBUILD build in a chroot without having to edit it The world of Internet of Things (IoT) offers a new opportunity for improving the accuracy of weather forecasts. Forecasting with IoT uses an army of devices that potentially could reach into the. In this article, we're going to walk through installing the Deno runtime, and creating a command-line weather program that will take a city name as an argument and return the weather forecast. 14-day weather forecast for TS16. Outlook for Sunday to Tuesday. Sunday will start brightly with plenty of sunshine, but the afternoon will see more cloud and some spells of rain, heavy in places

Live weather for real life. Check the forecast right in your browser. Skip to content. Frequently Asked Questions; New Features & Changes; Request a Feature; iOS / Android App; Support This Project ; Home 2021-06-18T14:58:03-04:00. 1st WEATHER FORECAST. An innovative new Chrome extension that allows you to check the weather forecast right in your browser. ADD TO CHROME FOR FREE. 293 Reviews. Eclipse Weather Forecast . Inspired by the Linux Weather Forecast. Last Update: February 1, 2011. The Eclipse Weather Forecast is a resource for technical and business decision makers in the Eclipse Ecosystem. Eclipse has an incredibly diverse ecosystem with hundreds of projects spanning dozens of technologies, and this page will help people. Introduction. OpenWeather is a WPF-MVVM weather forecast application that displays three day (current day + two days following) forecast for a particular location. The app makes use of the OpenWeatherMap API. To get the project code clone or download the project from GitHub Visual Weather will help you fulfill your main mission: provide quality weather forecast and timely alerts about dangerous weather for public and for sectors relying on meteorology. Find out more Integration and scalability. Visual Weather provides a perfectly scalable architecture that reflects the structure of your service, it can run on a variety of systems (Linux, Windows) and it can. OpenWeatherMap Weather Dashboard with Icons - Landscape. This flow pulls weather data from OpenWeatherMap (OWM) then presents it in a dashboard showing current weather conditions along with forecasts for the next 6 hours and 4 days. The mix of text and icons creates a compact and attractive display. This version is formatted in a landscape orientation. A portrait version is also available.

Current Weather forPopularCities. San Francisco, CA 58 °F Partly Cloudy. Manhattan, NY 67 °F Sunny. Schiller Park, IL (60176) 70 °F Fair. Boston, MA 68 °F Sunny. Houston, TX warning81 °F. Data Science for Weather Prediction. There are various subprocesses involved in the complete process of data science for weather prediction: 1. Predictive Modeling and Machine Learning. Weather models are at the heart and they are used both for forecasting and to recreate historical data. However, over the last decade, machine learning has. Download WeatherMate - Get a detailed weather forecast right on your desktop for several locations, as chosen by you, as well as the current weather and severe condition alert Forecasting for more than a day or so ahead requires global models partly because weather can travel a long way in 24 hours and, more importantly, because there are long distance connections; weather occurring in one area can affect what happens far away. National Met Services usually use grid lengths (spacing) of about 13 - 17 km. The smallest feature that they can represent.

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Windy Alternatives. Windy is described as 'is intuitive, fast, efficient and the most accurate weather forecast app trusted by professional pilots, surfers, boaters, fishermen, kiters, storm chasers and weather geeks' and is an app in the Online Services category. There are more than 25 alternatives to Windy for a variety of platforms, including Android, iPhone, Online / Web-based, iPad and. I recently found this website for downloading weather data: https://rp5.ru/ which is the website of Reliable Prognosis, a company from St-Petersburg. The website is mainly dedicated to weather forecast, but you can find historical weather data (weather archive). There are interesting features for historical weather data

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Download mythtv-plugin-weather linux packages for Mageia. Mageia Cauldron. Mageia Core aarch64 Official: mythtv-plugin-weather-31.-20210323.1.mga9.aarch64.rpm: MythTV module that displays a weather forecast: Mageia Core x86_64 Official: mythtv-plugin-weather-31.-20210323.1.mga9.x86_64.rpm: MythTV module that displays a weather forecast: Mageia Tainted aarch64 Official: mythtv-plugin-weather. Weather affects everyone, but we don't always pay attention to the source details of weather forecasts we see, hear, or read. Weather can make the difference between easy or difficult travel, on. UNIX/Linux. The Advanced Weather Interactive Processing System (AWIPS) is a technologically advanced processing, display, and telecommunications system that is the cornerstone of the United States National Weather Service 's (NWS) operations. AWIPS is a complex network of systems that ingests and integrates meteorological, hydrological. OpenWeatherMap 5 Day Weather Forecast API - SDKs. Weather Location, Predictions. The OpenWeatherMap 5 Day Weather Forecast API allows developers to get the five day forecast for a given location or city. This forecast provides weather data in three hour intervals and is available in either JSON or XML format Get the forecast for today, tonight & tomorrow's weather for Brandenburg, KY. Hi/Low, RealFeel®, precip, radar, & everything you need to be ready for the day, commute, and weekend

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i want to make a simple weather forecasting system using c#. i need to display only cloud condition,temperature, humidity,wind only to display for coming up week for 7 days .please any help me to do this system.i attached the code I tried so far. the final 7-day result has to be displayed at the data grid vie 5. AccuWeather: Weather Forecast news & Live Radar. If you want to try one of the best weather channel apps for Android with a live radar facility, then try this app. It is AccuWeather. Well, this one has also come with almost all the features a competitive weather app should possess

KVM Live Migration: Weather forecast Red Hat Juan Quintela May 29, 2013 Abstract In this talk we would describe the Live Migration improvements since last year, from how to move it to its own thread and the testing and tuning done to run guest with huge amounts of memory. Agenda 1 Introduction 2 Migration thread 3 Disk migration 4 Live migration of large guests 5 Future work 6 Questions. Linus Magnusson has been working in the Diagnostics Team at ECMWF since 2011. One of his key tasks is to track down the causes of differences between the Centre's weather forecasts and observed outcomes. What exactly is it in the forecasting model, or in atmospheric conditions, that makes some forecasts go wrong Conky is a system monitor software for the X Window System. It is available for GNU/Linux and FreeBSD. It is free software released under the terms of the GPL license. Conky is able to monitor many system variables including CPU, memory, swap, disk space, temperature, top, upload, download, system messages, and much more The first phase started producing operational forecasts on 17 September 2014. The second phase was accepted on the 29 June 2016 and produced its first operational forecast on the 6 June. System description. The Cray HPCF has two identical Cray XC40 clusters. Each has 20 cabinets of compute nodes and 13 of storage and weighs more than 50 metric tonnes. In Phase 2, the bulk of the system. Slimjet comes with numerous powerful and convenient features to guide you in maximizing your online productivity, which includes ad blocker, download manager, quick form filler, customizable toolbar, Facebook integration, Instagram photo upload, youtube video downloader, weather forecast, web page translation and many more

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WRF - a US Weather Research and Forecast Model used by several non-official groups, Usually about 12 km WRF is a successor to the ETA model. OpenSkiron is a University of Athens model based on the ETA but using a 0.05 degree (~5 km) grid. Mediterranan only. OpenWRF Provides WRF forecasts on a 4km and 12km grid, Mediterranan and E Aylantic The plaintext.txt forecast by WXSIM is a shorthand form of the English language which is easily recognizable by native speakers, as similar words/phrases are used by our National Weather Service, TV, radio and newspapers. This weather speak usually has only nouns and adjectives (with prepositions, conjunctions and articles) and no verbs, so it is not necessarily a fully grammatical English. Weather Display (Windows/Mac/Linux): One of the leading software packages to get the most from your weather station that was first released in the year 2000 and is still continually upgraded by the developer. Weather Display includes features such as real time data display, graph history, FTP transfer of the weather data to your own web page, email/text notifications of extreme conditions and. ----- time utc product rpm/ioc valid map ----- 0000/1200 tropical surface analysis 120/576 18/06 1 0030/1230 24/36 hr wind/seas forecast (2 charts) 120/576 00&12/12&00 2 0050/1250 high seas forecast (in english) 120/576 22/10 5 0115/1315 0/12 hr wind/seas forecast (2 charts) 120/576 00&12/12&00 2 0135/1335 u.s. surface analysis 120/576 18/06 3 0150/1350 goes-8 ir tropical satellite image 120. Weather Location Codes/IDs. Here you will find a comprehensive listing of weather location codes/IDs by country. These are as used by AOL Weather, The Weather Channel (weather.com), Yahoo! Weather and many more.. Also used by Rainmeter, these weather codes are needed for various iPhone, Android and Windows Phone applications and widgets.. To get your code, please choose a country from below to. Alexa's built-in weather forecast is handy for those who just want the basic forecast for the day, but it doesn't do much more than that. However, with a third party skill called Big Sky, you can make Alexa spit out a ton of information about the weather and ask it nearly anything about what's coming

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