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  1. Exploring The Polkadot Ecosystem: Top Polkadot Projects Kusama. Kusama is often considered to be the testing ground for Polkadot projects. Described as the cousin of... Moonbeam. Moonbeam is an interoperable platform for smart contract deployment that will allow users to easily bridge....
  2. Moonbeam: this project aims at integrating ETH's smart contracts with the Polkadot world. The aim is to make any application running on ETH on Polkadot 100% functional. Governance, staking, chain. The project includes: Chainlink, Sushiswap, Metamask, Math Wallet, Polkadot.js, Polkastarter, Ocean, Band, et
  3. Let's take a look at some of the most popular Polkadot projects built within the ecosystem till date: Kusama : Founded in 2019 also by Gavin Wood, Kusama is based on the same codebase as the Polkadot blockchain, albeit being an early, unaudited release
  4. In summary, all projects that have been registered, which are the top rank projects in Polkaproject are as follows: Polkadot with the DOT token. Phala network with PHA tokens. Ocean protocol with OCEAN token. ELP with ELP tokens. Reef Finance with REEF tokens. CRUST network with CRU tokens. PolkaBTC.
  5. DMC is a concept proposed by PolkaWarriors, to measure the development of the Polkadot ecosystem in terms of market capitalization, in the most general way. DMC will represent the total capital of the Polkadot projects listed on @coingecko
  6. With over 300 projects being built on Polkadot at the time of writing, and 23 projects listed as planning parachain auctions, 2021 promises to be an exciting year for the Polkadot ecosystem. Download the Exodus Polkadot wallet for all devices and keep your crypto safe & secure

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Polkadot projects, don't expect big brother's mercy. Wake up! Aren't you building web 3 tools? So why keep using centralized platforms that can block you anytime? Keep your community on-chain. Keep your content on.. See the Polkadot blog post for more information.‬ Below are recommended best practices for any ecosystem project that displays DOT values: Projects should split DOT at or very shortly after the redenomination, which will occur at block number 1,248,328, approximately August 21st UTC 16:40. Projects should not split DOT before this block Polkadot has been one of the most talked-about blockchain projects of 2020, achieving a $3.5 billion valuation and convincing many of its viability as a genuine contender to Ethereum's crown. With MANTRA DAO, Acala, Akropolis and Sora the Polkadot ecosystem already owns four promising projects 5 DeFi Projects to Watch in Polkadot Ecosystem. Dapp.com . Follow. Sep 28, 2020 · 4 min read. Polkadot's technology is catching attention since it connects multiple specialized blockchains into. Ankr contributes to the Polkadot ecosystem by allowing easy deployability of DOT token validators and ways of securing them. It also provides data analytics companies and developers easy access to Polkadot's data with one-click full node deployment. The Ankr team also runs NPoS validators on the Polkadot network and collaborates with other developers/projects building on the Polkadot.

Polkadot is an open-source project founded by the Web3 Foundation. Web3 Foundation has commissioned five teams and over 100 developers to build Polkadot, including: Founded by some of the blockchain industry's foremost builder 5 Infrastructure Projects Leveraging Polkadot Technology A blockchain or cryptocurrency ecosystem thrives when developers build their own applications. As it turns out, there is a genuine interest in Polkadot and Substrate lately. The following 5 infrastructure projects are all leveraging this technology Popular crypto analyst Elliot Wainman says several low-cap and upcoming crypto projects could explode in value due to their associations with the Polkadot (DOT) ecosystem. Wainman tells his 327,000 YouTube subscribers that he's betting big on projects that will win Polkadot parachains A community driven project that aims to give an open place for ecosystem projects to share their latest news on Polkadot, Kusama, and Substrate projects

Polkadot unites the entire network of multiple blockchains into one decentralized ecosystem. While enabling a transparent, easy cross-chain communication and customization of blockchains it becomes a very powerful tool for building enterprise solutions or projects on Polkadot This project was created to help people, mainly validators, who want to quickly follow the status and the evolution of the Polkadot chains and parachains. Polkawallet: Mobile Wallet PolkaWorld: PolkaWorld 是波卡(Polkadot)开发者和发烧友社区。 Polymesh: A blockchain built specifically for security tokens. POS Baker Networks connecting to the Polkadot ecosystem will be able to transfer any type of data or asset, in addition to tokens. This cross-chain communication allows developers and entrepreneurs to focus on their projects, and protocols instead of trying to make them compatible with other blockchains After signing off on an action-packed year, Polkadot is gearing up for an even more eventful 2021. We take a look at some of the projects that are set to launch on the blockchain platform this year, as well as a few major updates to the networks that are set to see the light of day in the coming weeks An entire DeFi ecosystem coming to Polkadot. By Gianni Morselli - 8 Nov 2020. Following the launch of the mainnet and the transferability of tokens, a series of projects are about to be launched on Polkadot, relating in particular to the DeFi ecosystem. Phase 1, launched in May 2020, marked the initial step of a multi-stage implementation.

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Polkadot (DOT) Ecosystem Updates. In the Polkadot Decoded 2020 talk, Derek Yoo introduced Moon Beam Network, a project that serves as the easiest entry point for Ethereum projects to the Polkadot ecosystem. For clarity, Moon Beam Network makes it easy for developers familiar with the Ethereum smart contract toolset to harness the network effects that are quickly gaining traction on the. Polkadot is a platform that manages everything through a multiple-chain system. Every step of it has a different chain mechanism that has the function to complete a process. There is a parallel chain system that increases transaction capability more than any other platform. The relay chain checks the address and maintains standards Millones de Productos que Comprar! Envío Gratis en Pedidos desde $59 Six Up and Coming Polkadot Projects to Watch in 2021. Block Telegraph Staff March 22, 2021 11:32 am. March 22, 2021. Blockchain applications have taken off, recording an influx of users taking advantage of the capabilities that decentralized apps can offer. With most of the ecosystem built on the Ethereum network, which is currently unable to.

5 DeFi Projects to Watch in Polkadot Ecosystem ChainX. ChainX is a community-driven project built on the next-generation blockchain framework substrate, the largest... Polkaswap. Polkaswap is a non custodial AMM DEX designed uniquely for the Polkadot ecosystem and based on the SORA v2... MANTRA. The Polkadot ecosystem has an incredible amount of nascent, high-quality projects building infrastructure including Plasm, ChainX, Edgeware and Phala, to name a few. These projects are often using.

The Top 5 Polkadot Projects 1. MANTRA DAO (OM). MANTRA DAO is an interoperable and adaptable lending and earning DeFi project. It relies on crowd... 2. Chainlink (LINK). Chainlink, the leading decentralized data oracles network, connects smart contracts to off-chain... 3. Ankr (ANKR). Ankr is a. With over 350 projects and counting using Polkadot as the framework for their dApps, its ecosystem is brimming over with innovative startups and smart solutions. Let's go over five of the best Polkadot-based applications to watch in 2021. Kusama among Polkadot projects. The first project whose star is in the ascendency is Kusama, a blockchain. Polkadot has been rapidly growing from a niche blockchain project to one of the richest DeFi networks that have real potential to compete with Ethereum. While still in its infancy, the network already has a robust ecosystem of decentralized applications, all of which offer similar, and sometimes even more functionalities than their Ethereum counterparts

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Welcome to the Polkadot subreddit, a channel for discussion and content about multichain Press J to jump to the feed. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Log In Sign Up. User account menu. 26. The Polkadot Ecosystem: An Overview & Top Projects Building on it. Close. 26. Posted by 11 days ago. The Polkadot Ecosystem: An Overview & Top Projects Building on it. 5 Polkadot Projects Worth Checking Out [April 2021] April 9th 2021 3,618 reads. 13. We are approaching the end of Q1 2021, and it seems like the crypto bull run isn't showing any signs of slowing down. The public interest that the crypto market has gained during this bull run has been unprecedented

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  1. g Polkadot projects. All of these projects have tokens, which haven't yet been released as of Sept 23. The tokens are: POLS, PSWAP, ACA, GLMR, and BOND. *Note - I'm not saying to buy these tokens, or giving financial advice. This is just a place to start your research
  2. Watch the replay to see some of the exciting things happening in the Polkadot ecosystem. Watch Replay. The World of Polkadot, Decoded. After making its mark as one of the biggest blockchain events of 2020, the second edition of Polkadot Decoded was even bigger, gathering over 12,000 live attendees. For 2021, in the spirit of decentralization, the conference featured an open call for.
  3. 5 Exciting Projects in the Polkadot Ecosystem. By. ampva. 0. 42. Facebook. Twitter. Google+. Pinterest. WhatsApp. The battle for the best blockchain platform continues. Continue reading on Coinmonks » Facebook. Twitter. Google+. Pinterest. WhatsApp. Previous article TEZOS (XTZ): The Self Driving Bank Of The Future. Next article Sens. Brown, Toomey reach bipartisan agreement on amendment to.

He is also the founder of Polkawallet - the de facto mobile wallet in Polkadot ecosystem. He was one of Polkadot's earliest community builder, opinion leader and evangelist. He has run successfull community campaigns, and presented to various audiences around China. Bryan Chen . Bryan Chen. Bryan Chen is the co-founder of Acala. He is also co-founder and CTO of Laminar. Bryan is a core. Polkadot is a fast-growing ecosystem that has a great impact on the blockchain community. After reading this post, you now know how you can join it and build your own dApp or parachain for Polkadot. Launch your project on Polkadot with Blaize Of all the Polkadot projects out there Acala is the most likely to secure a parachain slot It is one of the few Polkadot projects Gavin Wood follows on Twitter [and] most importantly, Acala is looking to bring some serious value and utility to the polkadot ecosystem. Acala brands itself as Polkadot's decentralized finance (DeFi) hub. Guy notes that Acala's governance token will. Polkadot, the high-speed, interoperable, and massively scalable platform for cross-chain blockchains, has been the subject of much attention lately — largely thanks to its potential to unite the broader blockchain ecosystem. But while Polkadot provides the technology and infrastructure developers can use to build more powerful and inclusive products, there are more than a handful o Update on Polkadot Ecosystem Projects: Plasm, ChainX, Edgeware and Phala. KR1 plc (KR1:AQSE), a leading digital asset investment company, is pleased to announce that the Company has participated in, generated staking revenue from, and realised profit from, key projects in the wider Polkadot blockchain ecosystem. Plasm Network. Plasm (Plasm or PLM) is a highly scalable decentralised.

There are multiple projects in the Polkadot ecosystem that make use of NFTs already. Needless to say, that this technology will play an important part in the innovation process going on in the Polkadot ecosystem. What's your favorite Indian blockchain project, and why? With the robust tech and developer ecosystem in India, there seems to be an enthusiastic approach to blockchain. The Indian. Enhancement features for your project in the Polkadot ecosystem. Heterogeneous Sharding. The heterogeneous sharding model in Polkadot connects multiple-chains in a single network. This parallel segregation of data reduces the load and helps the chains to process the transaction and facilitates the fast and secured exchange of data between chains. Scalability . The parallel processing model. Rai Finance is a DeFi platform built within the Polkadot ecosystem. The project aims to rectify many of the pain points facing projects built on Ethereum by moving to a more scalable network. Though congestion has dwindled since the summer months, there are few near-term solutions to Ethereum's scalability problems. The launch of ETH 2.0's Beacon Chain is promising, but users won't enjoy. Polkadot-based projects can be listed on Binance. In its related announcement, Binance stated that DOT staking users can participate in the voting on listing Polkadot-based projects on Binance and win airdrop awards. The giant cryptocurrency exchange has recently created a $ 10 million fund to support quality projects in the Polkadot ecosystem The Polkadot Ecosystem. Over 300 projects have been or are currently being built for the Polkadot ecosystem, ranging from core technical infrastructure to applications for decentralized finance (DeFi), privacy-oriented data and digital identity systems (often called self-sovereign identity), social networking, IoT, gaming, robotics and supply chain logistics. Many of these are open source.

Native Moonbeam Implementation Allows Frax Access to the Growing Polkadot Ecosystem Boston, MA - April 23, 2021 - Moonbeam, the Ethereum-compatible smart contract platform on Polkadot, announced an integration with Frax, a fractional-algorithmic stablecoin protocol. Read More . View All Announcements. Recent News Coverage. A sampling of recent press coverage for Moonbeam. December 14. In that regard, you can expect to see a larger Hub for the Polkadot Ecosystem that covers trending projects, videos, and news. While you wait for the MarketSquare Beta, be sure to sign up at MarketSquare.io and subscribe to our YouTube channel for an upcoming video about Polkadot

2. NEW PROJECTS. Submitted to Polkaproject.com and tracked by Polkadot bot by Ryabina.. Genshiro. An interoperable DeFi conglomerate on Kusama. A canary network of Equilibrium. Skyrim Finance. Skyrim Finance is the First Multichain Decentralized Structured Finance Marketplace aiming to build the Robo-Advisor of DeFi ecosystem to help investors of different profiles have risk-adjusted return. Polkadot is building a blockchain ecosystem and it's far from the ICO craze of 2017. Polkadot enables an internet where independent blockchains can communicate with each other in a secure, trust-free environment. Polkadot is t he brainchild of Ethereum Co-founder Dr. Gavin Wood; it aims to achieve blockchain scalability through parachains, or parallel chains Polkadot is a unique and interesting project considered by many analysts as one of the next big things in the blockchain and Decentralized Finance (DeFi). According to the official sources, Polkadot is a heterogeneous multi-chain framework for Web 3.0. Simply put, it's a blockchain platform that serves as a bridge layer to connect with other. Polkadot is viewed as a competitor to Ethereum as it enables smart contracts to work in an ecosystem of more blockchains called parachains. As mentioned, DOT's new record-high allowed it to overtake Litcoin (LTC) as the fifth-ranking cryptocurrency by market cap. According to its website, DOT is one of the notable blockchain projects that give exceptional financial functionality by allowing. POLKADOT. Polkadot Buildathon: India is an India-focused hackathon with a prize pool of US $14,000. Registration is also open for participants from other countries. Applications are welcome up to April 24, 2021. Chainlink is now integrated directly as a pallet to all Substrate, Polkadot, & Kusama chains, giving teams in the Polkadot ecosystem a straightforward approach for accessing high.

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Here are the Most Exciting Projects Building on Polkadot

  1. Moonstake, Stake Technologies to Enhance Polkadot Ecosystem, Scale DeFi Projects Moonstake and Stake Technologies will work together to expand the Polkadot ecosystem. They will also proactively discuss potential implementation of the staking of Plasm Network token, PLM, onto Moonstake's staking platform and the possibility of collaboration in the DeFi space
  2. However, Polkadot's success depends on a strong, healthy and lively ecosystem to gain significance. To help foster building out the Polkadot Ecosystem, on the one hand, projects within the Polkaverse will need significant funding due to long runways. On the other hand, DOT holders who already invested into the project need a mechanism to re-invest their now transferable assets into promising.
  3. Polkadot is one of the fastest growing projects of 2021, and for good reason- it may be able to fix what no project has been able to so far. Let's explore

The future. Polkadot's combination of an active community, plenty of excitement being generated on social media and YouTube, a growing number of projects in its ecosystem, the involvement of a developer of Wood's caliber, and the fact that it is one of the projects riding the decentralized finance (DeFi) wave may provide the impetus for Ethereum-like price action at the top of the next cycle The Polkadot (DOT) Relay Chain has announced the integration of PARSIQ's smart triggers. on PARSIQ's official Twitter account for the launch said that users will now be able to build smart triggers on the Polkadot Relay Chain and access the project's real-time monitoring on yet another Layer 1 network. Sponsored. Sponsored . The smart-triggers used by PARSIQ are contacts that collect. Update on Polkadot Ecosystem Projects: Plasm, ChainX, Edgeware and Phala. KR1 plc (KR1:AQSE), a leading digital asset investment company, is pleased to announce that the Company has participated in, generated staking revenue from, and realised profit from, key projects in the wider Polkadot blockchain ecosystem. Plasm Network. Plasm (Plasm or PLM) is a highly scalable decentralised. A fully decentralized, on-chain index of selected projects in the Polkadot ecosystem, PINT is suitable for investors with knowledge of top projects and blockchain but also those who want access to the rewards of top projects on Polkadot. As the blockchain ecosystem develops it is going to foster the creation of an array of financial products indicative of a mature and functioning ecosystem. Polkadex: Polkadot's DEX for the DeFi ecosystem. By andrew law. February 20, 2021. Polkadex is a new addition to the Polkadot ecosystem. Polkadex a decentralised cryptocurrency exchange (DEX) concentrating purely on tokens powering decentralised finance (DeFi) applications through a user-friendly interface and lightning-fast transactions

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Having such strong backers Polkadot has a strong ecosystem of various entities and projects. ⚫️ Security. The Polkadot network manages to keep all the benefits described above while maintaining a very high level of security. How Polkadot works? The Polkadot network has a very unique architecture that makes it stand out among other blockchains on the market. The Polkadot network consists of. The Korean Polkadot Alliance (KPA), a consortium of industry-leading projects and teams in Korea that are building on Polkadot. Our key initiatives include preparing members for the parachain auction process, organizing talks, discussions, meetups and events focusing on the Polkadot ecosystem in Korea and building an open and vibrant community in Korea

Waiting for telemetr A token minting system is coming to the Polkadot blockchain ecosystem, promising to be a leaner, meaner version of Ethereum's ERC-20 standard Balancer Labs has been offering grant funding to development projects that explore experimental deployments of the Balancer protocol to alternative Layer 1 blockchains. Parity and Moonbeam have decided to pursue a collaboration to bring a Balancer deployment to the Polkadot ecosystem. This move adds an important capability to the growing DeFi ecosystem on both Moonbeam and on Polkadot.

Polkadot Decoded 2021 featured talks from over 40 blockchain innovators, and was curated with the help of a community vote. Watch the replay to see some of the exciting things happening in the Polkadot ecosystem Polkadot launches a new Alliance to promote the project's DeFi ecosystem. Polkadot strives to increase its presence in the DeFi space. DOT struggles to clear a resistance barrier at $5.5. Polkadot.

Polkastarter is a DEX built for cross-chain token pools and auctions, enabling projects to raise capital on a decentralized, permissionless, and interoperable environment based on Polkadot. In order to optimize platform usage, it's crucial to incentivize liquidity through community rewards and partnerships. We couldn't be more excited with the long-term partnerships we have established. This interconnectivity could encompass privacy-oriented projects, forks, permissioned chains and more. Polkawallet will follow in Polkadot's footsteps and continue to expand the cross-chain ecosystem, which is a module for the near future. It will quickly integrate suitable cross-chain applications, and we believe that it will become colorful The project was launched with a grant from the Web3 Foundation, the non-profit foundation that contributes to the technology in the Polkadot and Kusama ecosystem, founded by Dr. Gavin Wood, a co. What are the Projects in the Ecosystem? Polkadot will have its own native ecosystem, interoperable with other blockchains and Layer1 solutions. Below is a list of many of the projects building blockchains and applications on Polkadot. Source: Polkaproject.com Parachains are equivalent to Layer1 blockchains (like EOS, FLOW, Ethereum) with specialized use-cases. Most of the early protocols will. Polkadot launches a new Alliance to promote the project's DeFi ecosystem. Polkadot strives to increase its presence in the DeFi space. DOT struggles to clear a resistance barrier at $5.5. Polkadot (DOT) is the 9th largest digital currency with a current market capitalization of $4.6 billion and an average daily trading volume of $375 million

Furthermore, this project can integrate with any of the other blockchains that make up the broader Polkadot ecosystem, create new liquidity streams, and introduce more opportunities to build complex solutions. Finally, this approach by Moonbeam has allowed them to secure numerous strategic partnerships - with Sushi Swap, Bet Protocol, and others - with other teams looking to expand the. Polkadot is an open-source project led by the Web3 Foundation. It is a sharded protocol that connects different blockchain networks. Polkadot Basics . Polkadot consists of two parts: Relaychain and Parachain. Relaychain: This is the core of Polkadot which is responsible for network security, consensus, and cross-chain interoperability. Parachain: These are sovereign blockchains with custom. The Polkadot ecosystem has gained increasing attention as the auction dates for Polkadot slots are approaching. On April 1st at 8:00 PM UTC+9, the Korean Polkadot Alliance will lead several notable projects, communities and media in Asia to hold the first online video fireside chat. The seminar will discuss the future of web3.0 and progress updates from the project together. The event will. The two projects will work to bring full-stack privacy to the Polkadot ecosystem. Phala Network Website. Manta's privacy-layer for DeFi brings private transacting in a bring-your-own-token model, which allows users to privately transact in major cryptoassets such as wrapped Bitcoin and Ethereum, as well as Polkadot and parachain assets. Phala's confidential computing network offers the. Polkadot Parachain auctions. As you probably know, there are multiple projects that would like to become a parachain on either Kusama or Polkadot networks. These projects will benefit from the shared security model provided by the Relay Chain and will be communicating with each other via the XCMP protocol at the same time

50 Cryptocurrency Projects Disrupting The Blockchain Ecosystem. November 7, 2017. The cryptocurrency world has evolved massively over the past few years, transforming itself from a Bitcoin-driven ecosystem into a diverse collection of currencies and technologies that offer the potential to change how we live our lives and do business China's LD Capital tweeted the announcement on the start of Polkadot Ecosystem Fund on Jan. 21. The fund will engage in capital support, community building, development advisory, and marketing to early stage projects focused on Polkadot. LD Capital set the fund at $10 million. We're establishing a $10M Polkadot Ecosystem Fund, which strives. Beyond raising funding, Reef Finance is the first-ever project in the Polkadot ecosystem, and the 11th project across the globe, to be unveiled on the Binance Launchpool. It had previously secured capital worth $3.9 million in a private token sale round which was led by venture firms, including NGC Ventures and QCP Capital back in October 2020. REEF Price Shoots Up In Response. Reef Finance. First of all, it is the main event of the year for project teams and users interested in the Polkadot ecosystem. Secondly, it is a tough one to get into. There are about 400 projects built or building their products on the Polkadot network and only 40 spots for speakers! In the best traditions of decentralization, there was an open call for presentation proposals and anyone could vote to help.

Polski. Українська. العربية. Binance Blog. News and updates from the world's leading cryptocurrency exchange. Introducing a $10 Million Fund to Support Projects in the Polkadot Ecosystem {{dayName}} {{day}} {{monthName}} {{year}} We are establishing a $10 million fund to empower innovative projects to be built around the Polkadot Polkadot is the Foundation's flagship project. SORAMITSU started collaborating with Web3 Foundation in 2018, with the Kagome project. We are honored to be chosen as one of the contributors to Polkaswap, as it is a logical and obvious piece of key infrastructure for the Polkadot ecosystem, says Makoto Takemiya, CEO of SORAMITSU Holdings Bes Polkadot projects to keep an eye on? Top crypto projects in Polkadot ecosystem? Ngadaptarkeun Token Metrics di https://tokenmetrics.com. Token Metrics Media LLC mangrupikeun publikasi teratur inpormasi, analisa sareng koméntar anu khusus difokuskeun kana téknologi sareng bisnis blockchain, cryptocurrency, token-based blockchain, tren pasar, sareng strategi dagang. Pastikeun pikeun. China's LD Capital tweeted the announcement on the start of Polkadot Ecosystem Fund on Jan. 21. The fund will engage in capital support, community building, development advisory, and marketing to early stage projects focused on Polkadot. LD Capital set the fund at $10 million. We're establishing a $10M Polkadot Ecosystem Fund, which strives to provide capital support, dev advisory.

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As Polkadot's vision of a decentralized web advances, the integrations of KILT Protocol and the fintech platform Current are adding new utility layers across the blockchain's ecosystem. Was Polkadot aber auch ist: Das Projekt ist auch aus der Enttäuschung heraus entstanden, dass Ethereum sich seit vielen Jahren nicht verändert hat. Nach wie vor werkt die Blockchain nach stromhungrigem Proof of Work-Consensus, und die wenigen Transaktionen pro Sekunden, die Ethereum schafft, hat die Preise für Entwickler in die Höhe getrieben. Immerhin: Ethereum 2.0 soll mit dem. Including Plasm Network, Polkadot supports over 300 projects in its ecosystem. With the project receiving support from Binance Labs, it will be focusing on its immediate goals. One of these goals was to make Plasm dApps hub in Polkadot and become the first Kusama and Polkadot parachain ZUG, Switzerland-- ( BUSINESS WIRE )-- RMRK, an advanced NFT protocol project, announced today that it raised 6 million USD to build the standard cross-chain NFT infrastructure in the Polkadot and. To get started with DeFi and NFT ecosystems and projects, more traders are signing up for SOL and there has been a consistent increase in the number of active traders. Additionally, several oracle networks like Switchboard are bringing feeds to the Solana Mainnet. This has increased the popularity of Solana, making it mainstream and increasing the demand across exchanges

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